Drip Clean

About us

Dripclean™ is a true family business! It all started in our own kitchen. Here's our story.

It all began a couple of years ago. Our mother always cooks delicious family meals with olive oil, for health reasons. But as you probably all know, cooking with olive oil also has it's downsides. When pouring oil from the bottle, the oil starts dripping on the outside of the bottle. This causes greasy hands from holding the bottle, stains and sticky kitchen cabinets. Our mother always complained about this. She would spend an hour cleaning the cabinet just to remove the oil from the surface. As a quick solution she wrapped a piece of paper kitchen roll around the neck of the bottle. However, this solution wasn't durable as the paper got soggy and had to be replaced every other day.

This is where me and my sister take place in the story. Coming from a Scandinavian family, we always had an eye for design and innovation. That piece of kitchen roll just didn't do the job. We had to be more creative. So one day we started thinking about a solution for the problem. First of all we had to come up with something that would catch the oil and stop it from dripping. The material had to be highly absorbing and have a clean look. After a long proces of looking at all kind of materials, we finally found the perfect fabric. We already had the look in mind and got our first prototype made. The first Dripclean was born!

The dripclean was tested in our kitchen and remodified until it was flawless. The result was finally as we hoped for. The oil was fully absorbed at every pour and the cabinet was finally clean. No more sticky business!

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