Drip Clean

The drip clean neoprene bottle collar. Used to catch any drops running down your favorite oil, wine and vinegar bottles.

Use it on all your oil, wine & vinegar bottles

Neoprene drip catchers for bottles in the kitchen

Perfect for any oil bottle

Tired of oily and greasy bottles? The Drip Clean is your solution! Any remaining drops will be absorbed by the collar without having to worry about spilling the oil. Enjoy your drip free and clean kitchen!

the red and black drip clean bottle collar used for wine

Looks awesome on wine bottles

The Drip Clean will prevent you from dripping wine on your favorite table-cloth. Besides looking great on any wine bottle it will give you a care-free wine experience.

the drip clean neoprene drip catcher for bottles

Works great on any bottle

It doesn't matter what bottle you use for cooking or dining, the Drip Clean will fit about anything. Whether you have an oil, wine or vinegar bottle you name it, the Drip Clean will do the job. Now it is up to you to choose your favorite color(s)!

Sustainable materials

Each Drip Clean is carefully made out of durable and eco friendly neoprene and cotton


When your Drip Clean is dirty simply handwash it with warm water and let it dry. Once your drip clean is dry you slip it right onto your next bottle

Ultra absorbing

Our material choice guarantees an optimal absorption and fluid retainment so you don't have to worry about any drips, sticky bottles or stains 

Standard fit

The Drip Clean drip catcher will fit almost any bottle due to its stretchy and elastic characteristics

Shape retention

Using your Drip Clean multiple times on different bottles? Don't worry it will always keep its original shape so you can reuse it again and again

Minimalistic design

Our minimalistic design will stand out on any bottle and look great in every kitchen

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